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  • By Gretchen Richter de Medeiros

Buenos Aires Hall of Fame

This post is going to be like that "Sound of Music" song. You know, the one with the whiskers and kittens and warm woolen mittens? Only without music. Or Julie Andrews. Just a few of our favorite things about Buenos Aires...

Cutest Porteños

Heather, Rodrigo and I managed to take several long, exercise-paced walks through the Recoleta neighborhood. We were charmed by at least a dozen dogs who followed their masters obediently throughout the city. In contrast, there were also dog-walkers who picked up their charges, then tromped together along well-worn paths through parks and beside sidewalk cafes. These adorable pets made us homesick for our own (not-so-well-behaved) pups.

Spookiest sight-seeing

Recoleta Cemetery. Tucked amongst some of most elaborate, prettiest mausoleums you'll ever see, we found tombs with creaky gates hanging off their hinges, spider-web-covered bronze padlocks and a skull whose hollow eyes followed your every move. The kids were cornered by a curious old man who wanted to know where they were from and what they were doing … was he a ghost? Or just a snoop?

Tastiest ice cream

You can't beat Freddo's 1/4 kg of pure Dulce de Leche Argentinian style ice cream. We first sampled this delicious concoction at the Freddo's near Recoleta cemetery. "It's amazing!," Rodrigo exclaimed, "like someone froze their grandma's best dulce de leche and just scooped it up into a cone".

Crunchiest bread

We bought our daily bread at the Luis XV Confiteria bakery just a few blocks down from our apartment. The aroma of freshly baked deliciousness wafted down the street every morning at 6 and then again around 4 PM. The friendly bakers helped us choose a different loaf every day.

Sultriest outing

The five of us got all dressed up to see the Piazzolla Tango show. The athleticism! The costumes! The dancers were cool and hot all at the same time. They dazzled us with slick moves and glamourous looks. One regret: our waters cost as much as a bottle of champagne. Should have ordered the bubbly!

Crabbiest tour

Rodrigo, Heather and I love walking tours. Seriously love them. You learn so much about the city, get some great exercise, and meet other travelers. The kids, on the other hand, hate them. The Buenos Aires tour was four hours long, but what I remember isn't pleasant: the kids dragging their feet, my hissed answers to their repeated question "are we done yet?", and the fact that we couldn't get a beer in the plaza of the San Telmo neighborhood. Honestly folks, sometimes family travel isn't very fun.

Best night in

On Halloween, Bella took on the challenge of re-creating our favorite fall, accompanied by the aforementioned yummy, crusty bread, olive-spider-topped deviled eggs, and lots of sweet treats. She miraculously pulled together a costume from her backpack, but the rest of us lame-os were a mom, a dad, a brother and a traveling teacher. We stayed up late to watch the movies "Hotel Transylvania" and "Nightmare Before Christmas". Here's another reality check about family-travel, sometimes you just want to feel like you're at home.

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