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  • Rodrigo DeMedeiros

Unveiling the complex fabric of travel: two podcasts.

After a year and change has passed since our return to the Pacific Northwest, I still find myself inevitably transported to some of those places we visited and moments we experienced during the RTW trip. I was deeply affected by the return, and consumed by a sudden feeling of dread about resuming our daily lives - I didn't want that time to be diluted by the routine, as if nothing had happened, as if the trip had never taken place, but only in some figment of our collective imagination. I found that reconnecting with friends that matter and who were (and are) genuinely interested in understanding how the trip had affected me was a great way to keep the memories fresh. Eric is one such friend. It was during one of our numerous conversations over drinks and great food that he invited me to participate in his podcast project. We spent a few hours at a local studio exchanging points of view and attempting to distill some of the intricate complexities that permeate traveling with a purpose, and the things that stick with you afterwards. Those hours became two separate podcasts - the first about the RTW trip, and the second about the parallels between Brazil and Argentina.

Lots of food for thought. Check them out, and also some of the other great insightful content Eric produced as podcasts.

The podcasts were first published on December 6 and 13, 2016, respectively, and are available as a courtesy from "This Must be the Place", a podcast web site created by my good friend Eric Parkinson. This unique web site, in his own words, "aims to reveal the unique physical, cultural, and emotional layers of places."

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