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  • By Marco Richter de Medeiros

"Tivoli Gardens: Walt Disney actually went there for inspiration."

So in Denmark we went to the world’s oldest working amusement park. Tivoli Gardens. Walt Disney actually went there for inspiration when he was constructing his Disneyland parks. It was only Bella and I who went on the rides, and we had a great time.

The first ride we went on was a swing sort of ride where they strapped us in, and then a crane lifted us up into the air. My guess is that we were about 50 or more feet above where we started. You could see the whole park, which gave Bella and I time to check out what other rides we wanted to go on. For a person who’s terrified of heights, I wasn’t scared. Now I can’t say the same thing for Bella. She started telling me her life was flashing before her eyes, which was an extreme exaggeration. I know my sister, and she does exaggerate things a lot.

The second ride of the day was a roller coaster. Bella hated it. She was screaming the whole time we rode. I don’t blame her. The ride wasn’t the most secure if you ask me. After the ride Bella told me that I sounded exactly like my uncle, Renato. This was because of my maniacal laugh while we were on the ride. I’m not disappointed in that because Renato’s a pretty “Righteous dude” (only people who understand that reference will think it was funny).

Our third ride was a weird sort of boat joyride. We went inside a cave and found a bunch of moles. The little animals I mean. They were taking care of a dragon. Weird. During the whole ride I was sure something would jump, such as a spider, the dragon, or a rabid mole. But nothing happened except for a phony waterfall that cleared just as you went under. I didn’t like that ride, so let’s just skim over this one.

Ride number four was awesome. Another roller coaster to be specific. The good part was that it was fast. It also had a lot of drops, which I loved. We went on this one three times in a row. At one point there was a goat on the mountain. Bella filmed the whole ride with her iPhone, and it turned out great except for the fact that she was screaming the whole time. The fifth ride for Bella I decided not to go on. That was because it was one of those upside down loop rides. Not much to say about that.

Number five for me was the original “it’s a small world” ride. I’m guessing this is what Walt Disney took inspiration from for that ride. It’s almost as simple as it sounds. If you’ve been to Disneyland, then it’s basically “it’s a small world”, but with Hans Christian Andersen stories. Instead of whatever you ride in on “It’s a small world” (I haven’t been to Disneyland in 6 years), you ride in open treasure chests, and a narrating speaker has options of which language you want, Danish or English.

After all of that fun in one day, I was tired. I strongly recommend going to Tivoli Gardens if you have the chance. From roller coasters to casual relaxing rides, you’ll have a blast of fun there. Vendors sell ice cream and cotton candy, and swinging from 50 feet in the air was exhilarating for me. By the way, the cotton candy was about as big as my whole torso, even though my torso isn’t that big, it’s still saying something. Bonus on the swings, it allows you to scope out what rides you may want to go on. And right next to that is the scary roller coaster Bella didn’t like.

A little walk away will bring you to the underground river ride where we saw the moles and dragon. Next to that ride is the inspiration for Space Mountain (the mountain goat one). About a city block away is what looks like china town, and there you can go on the loopty-loop upside down ride. To calm yourself down after that monstrosity, go on the Hans Christian Andersen’s “It’s a small world” ride. If you go to Tivoli Gardens, make sure to have tons and tons of fun.

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