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  • By Rodrigo DeMedeiros

My Favorite Reads during our RTW trip!


One of my favorite things to do while on the road around the world was having nice stretches of time to read. I am a slow reader, with a broad taste in storytelling - I look not only for a good story, but also for writing style, interesting characters, and insightful subtext. And I don't usually like non-fiction; I have a very active imagination and I feed it with other people's ideations as much as possible. That said, I still managed to read about 25 fiction books, amidst all the video shooting, editing, planning, cooking, and sight seeing. Thanks to my favorite gadget, a used nook e-reader with paper white technology. It was hard to pick just 7 books out of my list, but the ones listed here stood out and met my criteria: compelling story, writing style and overall entertaining value.

The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2015 starts with a bang: a tragic bombing at a famous museum, and a stolen piece of Art. The book chronicles the subsequent daunting events affecting the life of 13 year-old Theo Decker. A story of loss and friendships, full of fascinating and imperfect characters, told at an urgent pace. Impossible to resist.

A unique mystery/thriller surrounding a journalist’s investigation into the past of a famous and recluse horror film director. The great narrative keeps you guessing constantly, and it's fast paced and loaded with interesting visual references that help substantiate the plot points and advance the story.

Welcome to the OASIS, where virtual reality serves as escape from an ugly, dystopian world. Total guilty pleasure, and full of awesome old video game references.

Claustrophobic, dark, haunting, a bit like bittersweet chocolate mixed with some unidentifiable addictive substance. Gillian Flynn doesn’t spare any effort to make you feel uncomfortable towards the characters. You’ll love to hate them. The movie, by the way, is a great adaptation of the novel.

Great psychological thriller, where no one really is who they seem to be. The story is told through the eyes of a disturbed young woman, so the plot is gradually unveiled as she gains more understanding of what surrounds her. I really can't say anymore, to avoid spoilers!

The second book on a series of 7, this is a cool fantasy novel about a futuristic and dystopian London under a totalitarian regime where psychic powers are the hottest commodity.

The third and final book of the Magician’s Trilogy. Think Harry Potter meets Narnia, but for grownups. Irresistible.

Note: I have included links to Amazon for all the books as quick reference and access to reader's reviews, but I am not an affiliate of that company or necessarily endorse their views. In fact, you can find loads of e-books at your local library. We used most of the time.

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