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"I was the first eleven year old boy to do the cooking class."

By Marco Richter de Medeiros

I love Peruvian food. It’s a wide variety of different styles of food coming as 1. My favorite was alpaca meat. It's like beef but ten times better. I've never eaten alpaca before so I'm glad I liked it. It was like nothing I've ever had before. So juicy and tasty. It was like eating a ball of happiness. The corn is very different from that in the USA. The kernels are much bigger and the corn itself is smaller. I think it's better than the corn in the USA. There's a fruit called lucuma and I don’t know what it looks like because it was served to me as a paste. I did not like it.

In Aguas Calientes my dad and I took a cooking class at the restaurant that was included at the hotel. We first had a lesson about the history of the national drink of Peru: Pisco Sour, an extremely popular alcoholic beverage. Then we learned how to make it. Very strangely it used egg whites to make it thicker. Then we made a passion fruit sour for my mother. She loved it. My favorite was the passion fruit juice that I made for myself. It seems pretty obvious why I had to make my own drink: alcohol. The first food we made was a potato cake thing (Causa Rellena.) On top of it was raw trout, avocado, peppers, and either deep fried trout skin or sweet potato slices. It looked a little like sushi, according to my mother. Next we made a meal that was a surprise for us. A quinoa risoto and alpaca medallions wrapped in bacon. The alpaca was the best thing ever. The quinoa was a bit sickening though. I enjoyed the cooking class a lot. Apparently I was the first eleven year old boy to do the cooking class.

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