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"Venice is slowly sinking."

by Marco Richter de Medeiros

When I arrived in Venice, I knew I was going to have a fabulous time. We took a bus from the airport and hopped on a vaporeto, a boat taxi. It was a brief walk to our house that we rented there. The house was located in Campo Ruga, a little square where a small bar was. From the outside, the house looked like an old basic stone building. We had to climb at least six flights of stairs to get to the top floor where our apartment was. On the inside, it looked like a luxury house that someone would sit up and beg for. It was beautiful with pure white walls and plants here and there.

In Campo Ruga, I liked to play soccer there. We would play keep away. When one of us got the ball, we would shoot at the goal which was a wall. I liked the house, that’s not important. What is important was the piazza San Marco. It is a huge soccer field sized central square, with shops going all around it like a ring.

Venice is a city that is slowly sinking, so water floods the piazza San Marco every now and then. While waiting at 12:00 at night for my uncle and cousin, I waded into the water and walked around a little bit. It was fun to soak my sore feet.

There was a gelato shop that was considered the best gelato in Venice. There was a big street where we went every day. People called it Dog Street. It's real name was Via Garibaldi. Want to know why? Because there were so many dogs there that I lost count. Anywhere you looked you would see dogs doing all sorts of things. At one bar we went to there was a dog that I took at least ten pictures of because it was so adorable.

Venice was my favorite place because It made me feel happy with all the different things that we did there. The dogs especially made me happy because it reminded me of my own dog, Pablo. I enjoyed Venice, and if you go, I hope you do too.

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