June 30, 2017

When I returned to the Pacific Northwest from our RTW trip, I had three major concerns:

1. How are my kids going to adapt to their new circumstances, after being away for 11 months?

2. Would I be able to re-enter the highly competitive job market in Seattle and still have the necessary "edge" to continue the work I'd like to do?

3. Will I be able to incorporate more travel into my work?

Two years later, I finally feel like I have positive answers to all three questions.

My kids are now 18 and 14 respectively - Isabella just graduated High School with the highest honors, and will be attending the University of Willamette in Salem, OR, in the Fall; Marco graduated from Middle School and will be attending Mo...

November 4, 2015

Most people don’t know what bad, dangerous driving is until they have an experience driving through Argentina. We took a 5,000 km road trip from Buenos Aires, through San Antonio de Areco, Cordoba, La Cumbre, Alta Gracia, Mendoza, Neuquen, Peninsula Valdez, Siera de la Ventana, and back to BsAs, completing a full loop of roads without using a GPS system. We know what we are talking about. So many lessons learned, and some truly great, instructional moments.




Truth be told, we had some near misses, but I never truly felt our lives were 100% in danger – though close. I have some of those memorable moments to share here, hoping that I won’t channel any of those stereotypical paranoid people who share h...

November 3, 2015



One of my favorite things to do while on the road around the world was having nice stretches of time to read. I am a slow reader, with a broad taste in storytelling - I look not only for a good story, but also for writing style, interesting characters, and insightful subtext. And I don't usually like non-fiction; I have a very active imagination and I feed it with other people's ideations as much as possible. That said, I still managed to read about 25 fiction books, amidst all the video shooting, editing, planning, cooking, and sight seeing. Thanks to my favorite gadget, a used nook e-reader with paper white technology. It was hard to pick just 7 books out...

September 10, 2015

Our first Round The World trip comes full circle - we are now back in the Pacific Northwest.  And a little culture shock is inevitable.


As my family and I face a reentry into the "real" world, I am reminded of how important this trip has been to all of us; we are stronger, wiser and now have a much better idea of what we want our future to look like. 


It is not possible to fully quantify the benefits gained during this nomadic time abroad, but I can mention a few things we have learned on the road that no corporate job or school system could provide. It is no small feat to successfully plan and deploy such a complex 11-month trip involving 5 people, 4 continents and 13 countries. We ar...

I wanted to love Greece. In all sincerity. But it felt like an acquaintance you are just not sure you want to become real friends with. Upon arriving in Athens, on a cold, gray, rainy day my initial reaction was of shock; after all, we have been “chasing the sun” since the beginning of our RTW trip. With the exception of a few scattered days of rain, the vast majority of our time in South America and Africa has been blessed with sunny days, warm weather and bright blue skies. At first, I attributed my blues towards Athens to the unexpected bad weather. Being from Seattle, and used to the intermittent rain, we took tours and went to ancient sights and museums all the same. I really didn’t want to feel...

October 18, 2014

by Rodrigo DeMedeiros


The highlight to our Peru trip  was - predictably -  Machupicchu. We took an ungodly early train from Ollantaytambo to the small village of Aguas Calientes, just a short bus ride to the entrance to the magnificent ruins of Machupicchu. Our guide Manuel was waiting for us at the train station, and took us straight to the Rapu Wasi lodge - a beautiful tree house style lodge with rustic wood bungalows stacked on the rocks with a great view of the adjacent mountains. We arrived at 8 am and were greeted by the awesome hostess, who was kind enough to get us a different room where everyone could crash, although our actual rooms were not ready until 9:30 am (official check in time....

September 20, 2014

by Rodrigo DeMedeiros


When I tell people that I am leaving for a full year with my family on this adventure and that I plan to shoot a documentary of the experience, after the initial "wow" reaction in regards to the "RTW/one-year off" itself, the next question I frequently get is "what kind of equipment do you need to do that on the road?"


I am primarily a content producer, but it became clear that I needed to wear many hats to make this documentary work. Ideally I would have a small crew to help, particularly with audio - in my opinion, the most beastly of all tasks - but I certainly don't have that luxury. I decided to focus on the content, let the images and situations unravel naturally, instead...

August 21, 2014

by Rodrigo DeMedeiros


Although Summer is most definitely NOT the best time to visit Italy - too hot, too crowded, too expensive - Florence is such an amazing mecca of food and art that even with all the hassles it becomes impossible to have your experience completely ruined. I am a big proponent of NOT setting expectations before a visit to a new place; it really sets your mind to just enjoy the ride and take things as they come. This avoids lots of unnecessary grief.


We drove to Florence and entered the city through the Porta Romana. You have to pay 1 Euro everytime you enter the city by car - you can look at it as a "conservation fee" instead of a monetary penalty for adding to the already nasty po...

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