So in Denmark we went to the world’s oldest working amusement park. Tivoli Gardens. Walt Disney actually went there for inspiration when he was constructing his Disneyland parks. It was only Bella and I who went on the rides, and we had a great time. 


The first ride we went on was a swing sort of ride where they strapped us in, and then a crane lifted us up into the air. My guess is that we were about 50 or more feet above where we started. You could see the whole park, which gave Bella and I time to check out what other rides we wanted to go on. For a person who’s terrified of heights, I wasn’t scared. Now I can’t say the same thing for Bella. She started telling me her life was flashing befor...

Here is the story of the great city of Troy, which fell to the hands of the Greek empire. Paris, son of King Priam, caused this war. He took Helen of Troy, then Helen of Sparta, to his homeland. King Menelaus was furious, so he called his brother, Agamemnon, ruler of Greece, to help him destroy troy (lol). They succeeded, and it was Paris’s fault. How this child lived for more than 20 years, I have no idea. Paris had Hector solve all of his problems, which I’m guessing Hector got pretty sick of after 3 years.


Paris and Hector were in Sparta in a time of peace. The two brothers partied for a few days, and all was fair. Then Paris decided to pay a visit to the Queen of Sparta, Helen, and ended up takin...

Let’s talk about cooking. In a stranger’s apartment, you have no idea where anything is in the kitchen, whereas in your own, you know where every spice, pot, pan, and plate is supposed to go. Then you think about the food you’re going to make, and how it will taste. When you try it, it tastes different to how you thought it would taste. And then you think, “Wait, this food is not at all like what I eat at home”.  I loved cooking in Greece, and if you get the chance as well, I hope you do too. When cooking in Greece, I cooked in a stranger’s apartment, thought about what it would be like, and also how it was different from the food I eat at home.


First, I thought about what it was like cooking in some...

January 31, 2015

By Marco Richter de Medeiros


So my parents decided to take us on a road trip around Argentina. I was not the happiest child in the world. If you may not know already, I hate road trips. Being cramped into a car fit for only 5 people is not very fun, especially when each day of driving takes over 3 hours. The car was not the biggest, but we planned to change the packing situation so that we each had more space. The car had a fold up backseat that I sat in.


Some of the places that we went to were, La Cumbre, Mendoza, Neuquen, and Peninsula Valdez.



La Cumbre is not very big. Roughly the size of Redmond. The population is around 10,090 people. We tried to go to a Jesuit mission, but they weren't open. T...

November 28, 2014

By Marco Richter de Medeiros


I love Peruvian food. It’s a wide variety of different styles of food coming as 1. My favorite was alpaca meat. It's like beef but ten times better. I've never eaten alpaca before so I'm glad I liked it. It was like nothing I've ever had before. So juicy and tasty. It was like eating a ball of happiness. The corn is very different from that in the USA. The kernels are much bigger and the corn itself is smaller. I think it's better than the corn in the USA. There's a fruit called lucuma and I don’t know what it looks like because it was served to me as a paste. I did not like it. 



In Aguas Calientes my dad and I took a cooking class at the restaurant that was included at...

October 5, 2014

by Marco Richter de Medeiros


Chinchero is a lot different from what you would see in the United States, especially Fall City. The architecture is much different. Where we build with wood, they built with concrete and stone. Chinchero people dress very differently than us. The women wear traditional dresses with fancy hats. The men wear traditional drawstring pants and ponchos over their body. The market was different as well. Either it wasn't a busy day or the market just simply doesn't have much energy. In Chinchero the market is very calm, whereas in Seattle for instance, the Pike Place Market is always bustling with energy.


Isaias is our guide and driver for most of the Peru trip. Isaias is much d...

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