We’re certainly not the only family who have left the rat-race to travel the world, but might be one of the few who did it with older kids and a tag-along-teacher. Our travels caught the attention of blogger and podcaster Jason Jenkins of An Epic Education. In his recently published podcast we discuss travel resources, spreadsheets, coffee makers, Rick Steves, library cards and the challenges of family travel with teens.




Some highlights about world-schooling while traveling (cited from An Epic Education’s show notes):


They knew they were coming back, so researched their state’s laws regarding homeschooling.
Enrolled Bella into specific online courses associated with...

Every long-term traveler we've met or follow thinks differently about how they spend their hard-earned travel-funds. Some want to eat at fancy restaurants, but will skip hiring a guide to show them the city. Others will stay in a premier hotel, but won't buy souvenirs. Many have different financial priorities during different parts of their trips. (We wrote about our point of view here.)


Lodging can be one of the most expensive parts of a long-term trip, but we've read about people who spend hardly anything in this category; they house-sit, couch-surf, and trade-work-for-lodging. For our family of five we rarely scrimped here, but we also couldn't afford hotels. Our prio...

September 10, 2015

Our first Round The World trip comes full circle - we are now back in the Pacific Northwest.  And a little culture shock is inevitable.


As my family and I face a reentry into the "real" world, I am reminded of how important this trip has been to all of us; we are stronger, wiser and now have a much better idea of what we want our future to look like. 


It is not possible to fully quantify the benefits gained during this nomadic time abroad, but I can mention a few things we have learned on the road that no corporate job or school system could provide. It is no small feat to successfully plan and deploy such a complex 11-month trip involving 5 people, 4 continents and 13 countries. We ar...

This is my fifth time returning home from a year abroad. The first was after being an exchange student to Brazil with Rotary. The next several times I was in my twenties. And yes, I experienced reverse culture-shock and felt directionless and went through many other emotions as I reintegrated home. And I’m feeling those things again. And so is my husband. And my kids. And Heather. And I could write about all of that, but Michael Huxley nailed it in his article last December: It Really is a Lonely Planet.


This year’s re-entry is different. I’m older. I own property and must feed, clothe and care for two teens and a dog. Figuring out what to do next is not just about me. Register for school? Check. Buy...

August 1, 2015

Navigating the sea of rental properties on,,, and can be a daunting task for many travelers, yet the rewards you’ll get from renting locally are well worth the effort. As a family of five traveling the world for a year, we knew that we could save money by avoiding hotels and we also could get a deeper cultural understanding of the locale.


We developed five core criteria to help us choose short-term rentals. Simply put, these are: cost, comfort, location, amenities and a communicative and friendly host or hostess.


  • Cost: if you are considering staying anywhere for more than 3 nights, renting an apartment or home can save you hundreds of dollars, particul...

We love the experience of temporarily living like locals that we get by renting homes through, Homeaway and Airbnb. We double-love how easy it has become over the past 10 years to find and pay for rental online. With the exception of one apartment – I’m looking at you, Santiago! – most of the homes we’ve rented have been great. But invariably there has been one or two things amiss, so we’d like to share our thoughts with current and future owners of short-term rentals.

First and foremost, have enough stuff. If you list your house as “sleeping 6”, then, you need to have six spoons, six cups, six plates, six towels, six pillows, etc. Several years ago we rented an apartment “for 8” in the histo...

What could be better than traveling the world? Traveling the world with those that you love! We are two families who decided to combine our 'Round the World trips for one month in Turkey. The idea of traveling together around the world was born years earlier, with dreams shared around the dinner table and conversations over bottles of wine. The seed had been planted, but could we really do it?


As experienced travelers, we knew that group travel meant more expectations and unique needs which could lead to hardship and complication. Before buying any tickets, we discussed emotional subjects, such as differing interests, resolving day-to-day disputes, and managing interpersonal relationships while on th...

January 2, 2015

So 2015 is here and we have been on the road for about 3 months already. We arrived in Brazil on November 24, just in time for Thanksgiving - more about our "fusion Thanksgiving" on a separate post. We settled in Natal, where most of my extended family lives, in the beautiful Northeast coast. We are currently in Rio, where we celebrated the New Year in Copacabana beach, watching the amazing fireworks. And we just learned that 425 Magazine just published the first article about our RTW trip!



The article is available both on print and on line and it borrows from our "About" section on this web site. The magazine will be publishing our adventures in the coming months in their "around the world" section...

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