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My Favorite Reads during our RTW trip!

TOP 7 BOOKS I READ DURING THE RTW TRIP One of my favorite things to do while on the road around the world was having nice stretches of time to read. I am a slow reader, with a broad taste in storytelling - I look not only for a good story, but also for writing style, interesting characters, and insightful subtext. And I don't usually like non-fiction; I have a very active imagination and I feed it with other people's ideations as much as possible. That said, I still managed t

"By the numbers list to reflect on the journey thus far."

It’s hard to believe that our six months south of the equator are now behind us. Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa: each country offered experiences we’d been looking forward to, experiences we couldn’t have imagined, and truth-be-told, some that we hope not to go through again. We compiled this by-the-numbers list to reflect on the journey thus far. ONE Number of times we had to change our plane tickets. We had to cancel Dubai at the very last minute (see TWO

"It's basically like hauling a 6 year-old on your back."

by Rodrigo DeMedeiros When I tell people that I am leaving for a full year with my family on this adventure and that I plan to shoot a documentary of the experience, after the initial "wow" reaction in regards to the "RTW/one-year off" itself, the next question I frequently get is "what kind of equipment do you need to do that on the road?" I am primarily a content producer, but it became clear that I needed to wear many hats to make this documentary work. Ideally I would hav

"Over-packing is the worst thing ever."

by Bella Richter de Medeiros With just under three weeks on the countdown to the departure date, I have to start thinking about what I'm going to take with me on this trip. Packing isn't easy, especially when you have to pack a year's worth of things. You learn how to prioritize, since over-packing is the worst thing ever. We definitely over-packed on our France/Italy trip this summer, and I'm not going to let that happen again. Clothes Choosing what clothes I'm taking with m

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