Traveling has helped us refocus our energy and goals on "being" more than "having&quo

Our first Round The World trip comes full circle - we are now back in the Pacific Northwest. And a little culture shock is inevitable. As my family and I face a reentry into the "real" world, I am reminded of how important this trip has been to all of us; we are stronger, wiser and now have a much better idea of what we want our future to look like. It is not possible to fully quantify the benefits gained during this nomadic time abroad, but I can mention a few things we hav

For every traveling family ... there are thousands more migrating because they have no choice

This is my fifth time returning home from a year abroad. The first was after being an exchange student to Brazil with Rotary. The next several times I was in my twenties. And yes, I experienced reverse culture-shock and felt directionless and went through many other emotions as I reintegrated home. And I’m feeling those things again. And so is my husband. And my kids. And Heather. And I could write about all of that, but Michael Huxley nailed it in his article last December:

"You expect this, and this is the reason you got on that plane in the first place."

By Bella Richter de Medeiros Unexpected things you learn while traveling for a year with your family: You’re going to miss home a lot more than you think you will. You’ll miss things that you didn’t even give a second thought about, but you only now notice its absence. (I’m talking about boxed macaroni and cheese here.) Hanging out with your family 24/7 may sound incredibly appealing but it has its limits. Showers. You never know what kind of shower you’re going to end up wit