"The Golden Rule: do unto others as you will have done unto you."

One of the things I have observed after many months on the road is the question of how religion presents itself in different cultures. Everywhere you go, even in countries where one religion is widely accepted, people express their faiths, or lack thereof, in different ways. Religion is a huge factor in shaping culture, and that’s not necessarily positive nor negative. Historically, religion has been the root of many disputes, intolerances, persecutions, and even wars. But, in reality, religions really are not very different from each other, and religious intolerance is unnecessary. Turkey is a Muslim country, but it's a place of many religions in history. In Selçuk, we visited the St John t

"I don't think there's truly a 'Goldilocks' moment for family travel..."

I shared our RTW plan with a long-time friend and mentor over coffee one day. He was surprised, incredulous even. His response was something like, “What?! You’re going to do what? That’s crazy! Aren’t you afraid you’re going to screw up your kids?” It was the first time someone had expressed doubts about what we were doing, he was genuinely concerned that quitting school and traveling for a year would negatively affect our tween son and teen daughter. “No way!” I replied confidently. “They love travel. They’ll be fine!” Well, the truth is, it’s been harder on them than I expected. The bottom line is that they ARE fine and they HAVE learned a lot and they WOULD tell you the trip was worth it.

We're published!

Since we left Seattle last September, 425 Magazine has been covering our RTW trip. They actually creted a new section for this purpose: Round the World. So far, there are 3 published articles, with the 4th coming up this month. If you haven't seen them yet, they offer a great "at a glance" view of our itinerary and experiences. All published images are available in our galleries - and many, many more. Our blogs feature content similar to the published articles, but with more detail. You can click on each image to open the full spreads. #1 - AROUND THE WORLD - Jan/Feb 2015 issue This article launched the new section and talked about our reasons and motivations behind the RTW trip. Similar con







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