"Temporarily living like locals"

We love the experience of temporarily living like locals that we get by renting homes through, Homeaway and Airbnb. We double-love how easy it has become over the past 10 years to find and pay for rental online. With the exception of one apartment – I’m looking at you, Santiago! – most of the homes we’ve rented have been great. But invariably there has been one or two things amiss, so we’d like to share our thoughts with current and future owners of short-term rentals. First and foremost, have enough stuff. If you list your house as “sleeping 6”, then, you need to have six spoons, six cups, six plates, six towels, six pillows, etc. Several years ago we rented an apartment “for 8” in

"The key to a successful shared experience is intentional communication."

What could be better than traveling the world? Traveling the world with those that you love! We are two families who decided to combine our 'Round the World trips for one month in Turkey. The idea of traveling together around the world was born years earlier, with dreams shared around the dinner table and conversations over bottles of wine. The seed had been planted, but could we really do it? As experienced travelers, we knew that group travel meant more expectations and unique needs which could lead to hardship and complication. Before buying any tickets, we discussed emotional subjects, such as differing interests, resolving day-to-day disputes, and managing interpersonal relationships wh

"Greece: for every amazing archeological find and innovation in preservation methods, there is

I wanted to love Greece. In all sincerity. But it felt like an acquaintance you are just not sure you want to become real friends with. Upon arriving in Athens, on a cold, gray, rainy day my initial reaction was of shock; after all, we have been “chasing the sun” since the beginning of our RTW trip. With the exception of a few scattered days of rain, the vast majority of our time in South America and Africa has been blessed with sunny days, warm weather and bright blue skies. At first, I attributed my blues towards Athens to the unexpected bad weather. Being from Seattle, and used to the intermittent rain, we took tours and went to ancient sights and museums all the same. I really didn’t wan

When you're staying with family, your expenses are subsidized

Let’s be honest. When you’re staying with family, your expenses are subsidized. We are forever grateful to our Brazilian friends and family who took care of us during our three months in-country. Similarly, when you’re in one spot for 3 months, you create time-based economies. With those two things in mind, and despite a serious 2-week splurge for New Year’s in Rio, Brazil was the least expensive country of our trip. Also, compared to every other country we’ve visited, we had the largest amount of historical data about travel-costs. Rodrigo and I have been together since 1993, so, that’s 22 years of travel back and forth between the US and Brazil. Our estimates were pretty spot-on. Being rea







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