"We went to go see the sea lions in kayaks (we were in the kayaks, not them.)"

By Marco Richter de Medeiros So my parents decided to take us on a road trip around Argentina. I was not the happiest child in the world. If you may not know already, I hate road trips. Being cramped into a car fit for only 5 people is not very fun, especially when each day of driving takes over 3 hours. The car was not the biggest, but we planned to change the packing situation so that we each had more space. The car had a fold up backseat that I sat in. Some of the places that we went to were, La Cumbre, Mendoza, Neuquen, and Peninsula Valdez. La Cumbre is not very big. Roughly the size of Redmond. The population is around 10,090 people. We tried to go to a Jesuit mission, but they weren't

"You expect this, and this is the reason you got on that plane in the first place."

By Bella Richter de Medeiros Unexpected things you learn while traveling for a year with your family: You’re going to miss home a lot more than you think you will. You’ll miss things that you didn’t even give a second thought about, but you only now notice its absence. (I’m talking about boxed macaroni and cheese here.) Hanging out with your family 24/7 may sound incredibly appealing but it has its limits. Showers. You never know what kind of shower you’re going to end up with. You get used to freezing cold showers, you get used to 30 second hostile water-saving showers, you get used to showers whose strongest water pressure is the equivalent of a dripping faucet, you get used to showers wit

"We turned the corner and behind us, we heard this hollow breathing sound."

by Bella Richter de Medeiros As most of the people who know me know; I don’t like nature. I am the exact opposite of an outdoorsy, hiker, explorer person. So I originally was not excited at the prospect of going to the national park Peninsula Valdes. My mom and Heather proposed the idea after seeing a very small blurb promising penguins in their Lonely Planet: Argentina book, and they were like, “Oh my God, we have to go there.” They organized a two-week roadtrip throughout Argentina, ending with four days in the Peninsula Valdes. We arrived at the Peninsula after a very long car ride, which we were all used to by now, since it was towards the end of the roadtrip. We stopped at the little en

425 Magazine just published the first article about our RTW trip!

So 2015 is here and we have been on the road for about 3 months already. We arrived in Brazil on November 24, just in time for Thanksgiving - more about our "fusion Thanksgiving" on a separate post. We settled in Natal, where most of my extended family lives, in the beautiful Northeast coast. We are currently in Rio, where we celebrated the New Year in Copacabana beach, watching the amazing fireworks. And we just learned that 425 Magazine just published the first article about our RTW trip! The article is available both on print and on line and it borrows from our "About" section on this web site. The magazine will be publishing our adventures in the coming months in their "around the world"







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