"By learning about the places we stay, we become more aware of how the world works."

By Isabella Richter de Medeiros About two months ago, my mom and I went to my high school’s counselor to talk about homeschooling and credits. We wanted to make sure that, even though I would be homeschooled for a year, I would graduate with my Class of 2017. With the way it worked out with the meeting, I was able to get set up with three online classes, totaling in 2.5 credits for this year: one year of Algebra, one year of PE (a state graduation requirement), and one semester of Health (also a state graduation requirement). Usually, one would accumulate at least 6 credits per year. So, next year, I’ll have to do my school’s Running Start program, which will allow me to catch up on all my c

"I was the first eleven year old boy to do the cooking class."

By Marco Richter de Medeiros I love Peruvian food. It’s a wide variety of different styles of food coming as 1. My favorite was alpaca meat. It's like beef but ten times better. I've never eaten alpaca before so I'm glad I liked it. It was like nothing I've ever had before. So juicy and tasty. It was like eating a ball of happiness. The corn is very different from that in the USA. The kernels are much bigger and the corn itself is smaller. I think it's better than the corn in the USA. There's a fruit called lucuma and I don’t know what it looks like because it was served to me as a paste. I did not like it. In Aguas Calientes my dad and I took a cooking class at the restaurant that was inclu

“In Chile we’re going to drink wine and sit on the beach”

By Gretchen Richter de Medeiros When people would ask about our itinerary before we left, I would often answer with short descriptions of what we’d planned to do. “We’ll visit Inca ruins in Peru”. “We’re going on Safari in South Africa”. “We’re looking for a language-immersion school in France”. In the case of Chile, my standard comment was “in Chile we’re going to drink wine and sit on the beach”. I wouldn’t have guessed that those two things would end up being the perfect summary of our stay here. While I’d spent a lot of time researching our visit to Peru (in fact, have been dreaming about it since I was 22!), and planning the details (ooohhhh, was the family unhappy when they learned tha







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