Florence: food and art abound.

by Rodrigo DeMedeiros Although Summer is most definitely NOT the best time to visit Italy - too hot, too crowded, too expensive - Florence is such an amazing mecca of food and art that even with all the hassles it becomes impossible to have your experience completely ruined. I am a big proponent of NOT setting expectations before a visit to a new place; it really sets your mind to just enjoy the ride and take things as they come. This avoids lots of unnecessary grief. We drove to Florence and entered the city through the Porta Romana. You have to pay 1 Euro everytime you enter the city by car - you can look at it as a "conservation fee" instead of a monetary penalty for adding to the already

"Versailles. It was beautiful. And horrible."

by Bella Richter de Medeiros We landed in Paris and were absolutely exhausted from flying 9 hours into the future. I wasn't a fan of Paris, even though I was the family's French translator. I probably didn't enjoy it as much as I could have because of the lack of planning of the trip; we were exhausted and rushed the whole time. We took the metro most places because our apartment was so far away from the "tourist" area of the city. We did Versailles one day, and I was miserable the whole time because it was so hot and so crowded and I wasn't wearing sensible shoes and also wasn't used to walking so much. We did not do the Louvre, but we did D'Orsay and L'Orangerie, which were both incredible

"Venice is slowly sinking."

by Marco Richter de Medeiros When I arrived in Venice, I knew I was going to have a fabulous time. We took a bus from the airport and hopped on a vaporeto, a boat taxi. It was a brief walk to our house that we rented there. The house was located in Campo Ruga, a little square where a small bar was. From the outside, the house looked like an old basic stone building. We had to climb at least six flights of stairs to get to the top floor where our apartment was. On the inside, it looked like a luxury house that someone would sit up and beg for. It was beautiful with pure white walls and plants here and there. In Campo Ruga, I liked to play soccer there. We would play keep away. When one of us







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